Big Sky Dog Wash (BSDW) dog wash stations are self contained and climate-controlled. BSDW Dog Wash Stations provide safe, comfortable, and convenient locations where owners can handle their dog’s basic grooming needs.

You’re just a few simple steps away from getting your pup squeaky clean:

Step 1

Tap, swipe, or insert chip card in reader to make payment and activate wash.

Step 2

Place dog in the wash tub or wash on the floor. Please do not leave your pet unattended.

Step 3

Select RINSE and wet the dog’s coat. Please note, soaps, and treatments are dispensed at a lower pressure than rinse cycle.

Step 4

Select SHAMPOO and lather into your dog’s coat, then select RINSE and rinse out all the shampoo.

Step 5

Select CONDITIONER and lather into your dog’s coat. Then, select RINSE and rinse out the conditioner.


Select FLEA & TICK, select RINSE, and rinse out treatment(s).

Step 6

Select VACUUM to remove excess water from your dog’s coat. Please rehang the hose when finished.

Step 7

Select DRYER to blow dry your dog’s coat. Slightly warm air will blow. Please rehang the hose when finished.

Step 8

Voila! Your pooch is squeaky clean. Before you go, select DISINFECT and spray in tub, on the walls, and the floor, then RINSE away any hair. Please rehang the water wand.

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